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The Common Good Project, will be at Centre Human Ecology in the Pearce Institute every Thursday from between 1 – 4:00 Or by pre arranged times: Also outside shopping centre 12 till 2:00 sometimes
CHE Pearce Institute, 840-860
Govan Road, Glasgow G51 3UU
Phone: 07811263923
email: info@inthecommongood.org
Web :commgood.wordpress.com
Part of the PAR To increase understanding and encourage participation in helping to build local institutions where research can be shared, discussed and developed with others.‣



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The real experts on issues that affect ordinary people are to be found nearest the problem. Participatory Action Research, is about listening to these experts at source and attempting to. First. Find ways of working with each other Second. Find our own solutions to problems. Third. How do we put our plans into action.

Join us at the above events to find out more.

The earlier session is about Participatory Action Research which will be ongoing . The film/discussion is part of a series that will be showing every 2 weeks, on finding inspiration from what others have and can achieve through community organising.

What is important to our communities?

Why do we need to organise for our communities?

How do we organise effectively and sustainably for our communities?

These questions form the basis of the community-led research we would like to develop in partnership with a number of local organisations in Govan.  Through this research process we hope to identify ways in which the local community can best protect, invest in and access the things that are important to them.

The Farmhouse: a tangible example

Many will have seen  or be aware of the old Farmhouse which sits in the South-West corner of Elder Park in Govan.  Some know it’s story (the highs and the lows).  A few remember it in better days.

The Govan Farmhouse building (and the park it sits in) is one example of an asset which is historically ‘owned’ by the community.  Many in Govan are keen to see it serving the people of Govan actively and meaningfully once again.  How the community organise together to get it ‘serving ‘ Govan is a complicated question though, and leads to many others.

In this sense the Farmhouse provides us with one tangible example highlighting the need for the above process.

Community engagement

The Common Good Awareness Project believes that a process of community engagement and capacity building is crucial to engaging and finding answers to the questions that the farmhouse, alongside many other assets (spaces/people/resources) raise.  The research project aims to do just that.

This website provides information about the processes and activities we’re developing to promote conversation and eventually action around these issues and these assets.

If you don’t find the information you’re looking for on this site get in touch.  you can find our details via the contact page.

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