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Town hall meeting 13 January 2015


Farmhouse Project – Raise the Roof Beams

January 13th 2015 7:00 Pearce Institute You are invited to a Common Good evening to find out about and discuss the Farmhouse project. Developing an independent resource centre in Govan. In this our first TownHall meeting. We will set out plans for the Farmhouse and discuss ways 
of how folk could become involved. Then open it to the floor for peoples 
input and ideas.

What we will look at on the night is: – A short presentation of the farmhouse and ideas for future developments in 2015. – Why independent commons assets are important to our communities. 
 – Why it is important to different organisations in the wider context. 
 – The commons in helping to create new community models relevant to
local people. 
- How we protect the Common Good Fund for future generations, by 
understanding what it is and using it to empower communities. Light refreshments and 
some snacks will be supplied during evening 



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