The dream is to see the Govan Farmhouse serving the community in a meaningful and sustainable way.

We can imagine it busy every day with weans, grown-ups, mothers, grannies, lads and lassies all getting something out of the space.

but we recognise that achieving that dream is some way off and we recognise we won’t get there without putting a lot of work in.

We also recognise that how we make it a busy, meaningful, sustainable place is a question with many answers and even more questions.

So here’s our aims in this early phase of what we see as a long-term project:

Making Conversation

To promote engagement in the future of the farmhouse and what community space and the common good mean more broadly.  This will include:theatre

Setting up an Action Research project to find out what folk in the community are thinking about. What are the important issues to them and how our farmhouse project could help to deal with some of them

Getting our Rickshaw out and about.  The Rickshaw bike will be kitted out as a moving information float for taking around Govan centre, schools and other projects to highlight the work of the group and encourage participation.


Making Space

Ensuring that the community has access to the Elder Park Community Garden and that this is managed in the best interests of community members.  This is not as straightforward as we’d like it to be (the Council is currently preventing access to the Garden but this is something we are working to negotiate).

Developing the space around the farmhouse to ensure that it can be used by a wide range of community members and groups for a diversity of purposes and links to the wider development of the building (as well as providing growing space for those who want that).

Setting up a learning pod in the Garden. Kitted out with various tools and an events program this will allow us to start forming an explicitly educational element for the project. This will be an open facility that can be booked by groups and individuals to conduct workshops and classes, and as a meeting and information space for visitors.

Learning as we go

None of us have all the answers.  But together we’ve got a lot of great ideas.

We see this process as an opportunity to learn about the common good, about how communities organise, about how they find ways of working together, about bricks, mortar and architecture and about what makes Govan tick.

Our broader aims are these:

Dialogue: Events, town halls, meetings, gardening, socialising, talks, workshops.

A safe and friendly environment for folk to work and relax in.

Encouraging young folk to develop skills and become engaged in building community.

A place where young and old can work and learn from each other.

Give kids the freedom of creative play

Kids run projects and ideas (Childeas)

Encouraging placed based education and mentoring


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