The Tardis Project


In our summer project we will combine, the thinking, with the practical and the physical.


The Tardis Project, will consist of the building of a Dr Who type police box. (Peace Box) In it will be installed a variety of activities that will range from performance, music, arts, as well as (Low voltage) electronic and computer projects that will make noise and light.


The building and installation of the pod and what is in it will be arrived at through workshops at Kinning Park Complex and other places.

Once the solar powered Tardis is completed we will then time travel through the community and beyond and do workshops at different spaces, in the park, the town square, the market, shopping centre, school or wherever we land.


When the summer project finishes the pod could be lent out to groups or community centres to use for education and fun purposes. It could also be used as a recording booth to let folk record their stories for the community archive.


Whatever happens, all materials and information collected will be reused and put to good use.


You can help to get funding for this project by voting here: www.glasgow2018.com/festival2018/ourplacefund




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